I was brought on board by Imaginary Forces L.A. and tasked with creating a visual design language that would help tell two different animated typographic stories for Children's Mercy Hospital, both touching on some heavy subject matter while keeping them light and magical. Once we had completed this task, I moved on to animate one of the two spots, telling the story of words that transform from negative to positive, from Childhood Cancer to Ballet Dancer. It was an incredibly fun and collaborative experience with the IF team and it always makes it that much more inspiring to know that the story being told is one of hope for an organization that is truly doing good work.



Directed By: Imaginary Forces
Creative Director: Miguel Lee
Producer: JJ Gerber
Production Assistant: Dominick Guglielmo
Design: Jordan Scott, Miguel Lee
Animation: Jordan Scott
Recording & Audio Production: Horner Music
Agency: Bailey Lauerman