With the launch of a new visual language, typeface, and robust set of tools, IBM has taken the ambitious step of not only refreshing their brand but reinventing their entire approach to design. Its foundation is a philosophy that informs all of their decisions - a way of thinking about design, and the responsibility it holds.

Through Buck, a team of self-identified design nerds partnered with the IBM Design team to develop this series of animations that live within the Design Language repository. Written, designed and animated with rigorous adherence to their system, each short illustrates and embodies the IBM Design Language, functioning as a bridge between principle and practice. Alongside the team, I contributed toward both the design and animation of this piece.


Client: IBM
Directed By: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Direction: Jon Gorman
Art Direction: Yker Moreno
Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
Production Coordinator: Jenny Morris
Design: Jon Gorman, Jordan Scott
Animation: Jordan Scott
Audio: Antfood