What more can I say that this incredible montage doesn't already!

I was honored to be a contributor, along with so many other talented people, to help Buck tell one of 12 unique stories that would showcase MasterCard's "Priceless Surprises" on New Years Eve in Times Square. Our team tackled the heartwarming Mothers Day / May slot and my role included animation, while also wrangling the edit and compositing everything together for output. A whirlwind of a project to be sure, but what better way to round out the year and be able to see your work on the big screen like this!



Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait, Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas, Maurie Enochson
Creative Director: Thomas Schmid, Joshua Harvey
Associate Creative Director: Yker Moreno, Gareth O'Brien, Jenny Ko, Joe Mullen, Steve Day
Animation Director: Jose Fuentes, Chad Colby
Producer: Kevin Hall, Hillary Thomas, Ann Seymour
Production Coordinator: Stefania Consarino, Kaitlyn Mahoney
Design: Alex Mapar, Audrey Lee, Ben Langsfeld, Brian Gossett, Choi Herrera, Chris Phillips, Daniel Oeffinger, Ege Souyer, Gareth O'Brien, Gunnar Pettersson, Jenny Ko, Joe Mullen, Joshua Harvey, Justin Fines, Justin Lawes, Kenesha Sneed, Kyle Strope, Kevin Walker, Olivia Blanc, Rocio Cogno, Stephen Kelleher, Susan Yung, Thomas Schmid,Yker Moreno
Animation: Aaron Brewer, Alex Mapar, Alisa Harris, Andreas Hansen, Anthony Madlangbayan, Austin Hermann, Ben Conkin, Ben Hill, Chad Colby, Chris Phillips, Craig Yamamoto, Daniel Coutinho, Daniel Oeffinger, Efrain Clinton, Ege Souyer, Fran Krause, Gareth O'Brien, Jessica Milazzo, Joe Donaldson, Jordan Scott, Jose Fuentes,Justin Lawes, Justin Mays, Kendra Ryan, Kyle Mowat, Kyle Strope, Laura Yilmaz, Lizzi Akana, Lou Morton, Matt Everton, Matt Lee, Moses Journey, Nick Petley, Oliver Wee, Olivia Blanc, Rasmus Bak, Rocio Cogno, Sander van Dijk, Simon Ekstrand Appel,Taik Lee, Thomas Smolenski, Tim Beckhardt, Waleed Zaiter, Will Pittas, William Trebutien
Software: Illustrator, After Effects, Flash
Montage edit, filming and design: Sander van Dijk
Montage compositing: Rocio Cogno & Aaron Kemnitzer
Montage color grade: Jose Fuentes