I had the incredible pleasure of working with the dudes over at The Academy to help bring to life a series of 4 different spots for Washington State Lottery . In this multi-part campaign we explored what it meant to be a Winningaire, Millionaire, Thousandaire, Hundredaire & Dollaraire. Between being able to animate the search for your own personal submarine captain, to the convenience of owning your own sudsy carwash, we had a lot of fun doing it. Although, we're still searching for those winning number combos we were promised.



Directed By: The Academy
Creative Director: Colin Hesterly
Executive Producer: Nate Barr
Producer: Mike Holm
Production Coordinator: McKenna Turner
Design: Stephen Kelleher, Evan di Leo
Animation: Jordan Scott, Kaleb Coleman, Colin Hesterly
Recording & Audio Production: HEARby Sound
Agency: Cole & Weber United